Lifesource PA

Tips to Recruit Donors


These recruiting tips will help make the blood drive a success and ensure a positive experience for the donors.

Be Knowledgeable about LifeSource and the Donation Process

Know the basic requirements for donating blood, and understand the donation process to tell donors what to expect when donating.  Communicate the mission of LifeSource and the facts about blood usage in our region.  These will be distributed to you by your LifeSource Account Manager and can also be found here on the LifeSource website.

Recruit Donors Personally

Personally ask every potential donor to schedule an appointment.  Be enthusiastic – excitement is contagious!  Share information and be prepared to answer questions.  Carry signup sheets at all times.  The opportunity to recruit a donor may come up unexpectedly.

Know How to Handle Objections

Practice answering commonly asked questions and work to overcome objections.  Reassure potential donors that donating blood is safe and simple.  Respect someone’s legitimate fears and/or reasons for not donating.

Schedule Appointments for Donors

Communicate appointment times to all donors.  Contact your LifeSource Account Manager if the number of donors scheduled exceeds expectations.  Remind donors to drink decaffeinated fluids and eat before donating, and to bring proper identification (such as a LifeSource donor ID card or photo ID) to the blood drive.