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LifeSource and ITxM form LifeSource in Pennsylvania

As world-class leaders within our respective industries, LifeSource and ITxM are committed to providing the highest level of positive impact on patient care.

Officials with the Pittsburgh-based Institute for Transfusion Medicine (ITxM) have announced that LifeSource, which services Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and the surrounding region, has been rebranded and will now be known as LifeSource.

Other than the name change, LifeSource Pennsylvania will continue to supply blood and blood products to Geisinger Medical Center, Geisinger Wyoming Valley, Geisinger Community Medical Center, Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital and Geisinger Lewistown Hospital.

By establishing a blood center in the central and northeast Pennsylvania communities that LifeSource serves, we ensure that the best practices are delivered to patients in the area of transfusion medicine.

We’re committed to creating an environment that is donor friendly, service oriented, and facilitates an enjoyable and memorable donation experience. The blood collected is distributed locally in the LifeSource service area for patients. Donors know they are helping families, friends and neighbors in their community.

LifeSource must see over 2,000 donors each month to keep pace with the local need for blood.  The blood bank offers the opportunity to donate blood through daily mobile blood drive operations. A major goal is to provide convenience to our donors through consistent and convenient locations, flexible hours, and faster donation registration process with DonorPass at our drives. All mobile blood drives currently accept whole blood donations. In the future we will offer automated collection opportunities for double red cell, platelet and plasma donations.  Appointments can be made online, by phone, or at the time of your donation for future visits.

The donation process includes the registration of demographic information, a medical history interview to determine donor eligibility, a mini physical (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and hemoglobin [iron] levels are taken), the withdrawal of a unit of blood, and a 15-minute post-donation rest period.  The entire whole blood donation process is usually less than one hour.  (Click here for additional details about the donation process.)

About LifeSource

LifeSource is a not-for-profit organization established to provide donors convenient and rewarding opportunities to support life by donating blood to help area hospitals in meeting the need for patient transfusion therapy. LifeSource must see over 2,000 donors a month to keep pace with the local need for blood. We provide daily mobile blood drives, with convenient locations and flexible hours for our donors. LifeSource was initially established in 2012 through a partnership between the Institute for Transfusion Medicine (ITxM) and Geisinger Health System. The system serves more than 2.6 million residents throughout 44 counties in central and northeastern Pennsylvania.

About ITxM

The Institute for Transfusion Medicine (ITxM) is one of the nation’s foremost organizations specializing in transfusion medicine and related services. Headquartered in Pittsburgh with offices in Chicagoland, ITxM provides patients and medical facilities with comprehensive transfusion support, including medical staff consultation and treatment plans, along with testing and delivery of blood products. ITxM business units work together to develop, deliver and influence the highest quality patient care in transfusion medicine and related services. For more information, visit