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Stories from our donor community.

Have a personal story about how blood donation has touched your life?  Maybe you once received an emergency blood transfusion. Maybe a loved one—a family member, friend or neighbor—has an illness that requires transfusions as part of their treatment. Maybe you realize just how important blood donation is and want to encourage others to donate, too. This is the place to do it.

Complete the submission form here and share your story! We will publish the story here on our page for other visitors to the page to see and find inspiration to support lives in our community.


Jessica Humbert

“About 3 years ago I was in a bad car accident. I was headed to my cousin’s wedding. I never made it. I don’t remember anything from the accident, so we’re not sure exactly how it happened, but I ended up rolling the car and was ejected, we’re pretty sure I went through the windshield. I have a large scar on my arm from a gash that I got. I broke my pelvis in 8 places that required two surgeries to fix. I ruptured my spleen and had to have emergency surgery to remove it. From all my injuries, I went into hypovolemic shock. Receiving blood transfusions is a part of why I’m still alive today. I was a donor before my accident. I was going through nursing school and knew the good it could do. Now, I really know the good it does.”



Jessica Reick


“All the while I was pregnant with my son I often thought of all of the things that could go wrong with him. Not once did I think what could go wrong with myself. Little did I know after I delivered a healthy baby boy I was bleeding profusely no one knew why until I was put into surgery and my wonderful doctors realized that my uterus had torn in half and I was bleeding from inside out. If it weren’t for blood donations and the capability to do a blood transfusion I would have never made it. I never realized how important it is to donate blood and now I do it as often as possible.”



Samantha Ramirez


On Jan. 31, 2008, my daughter Kambreigh was born 12 weeks premature by emergency C-section.  She weighed only 3lbs 12oz.  She could not breath on her own, maintain her own temperature or feed.  After a few days in the NICU, the doctors noticed she was becoming very pale and was having a hard time surviving.  She needed a blood transfusion to help her body produce enough blood to maintain a healthy level. Within a week, she had received three bags of blood. I was a match to her blood type, so I did donate to help, but the first transfusion was emergency so thankfully a fellow donor had donated. If there weren’t people out there willing to save someone’s life, Kambreigh would not be here today. Thank you for all the donations!


Matthew, Father of Recipient


As I sit at the Children’s Hospital with my two year old daughter as she receives another blood transfusion I am very thankful for all the donors out there. My daughter has beta thalassmia major and she receives blood transfusions every three weeks. A heart felt ‘Thank You’ from us to each donor.


Michaele Armstrong

As a young girl in Idaho, I remember going with my father when he gave blood and watching the process. At that time, my grandmother, a nursing assistant, had contracted hepatitis in the course of her work and needed regular blood transfusions. While my father was not a match for her, he and my uncles took a broader view of the importance of having a healthy blood supply readily available. The blood may not have gone to my grandmother, but it would go to someone else’s loved one. Many years have passed since I learned from my father how impactful an hour of time can be and my grandmother is no longer with us, but I continue to honor her memory by donating blood regularly.


Stella Buffton

Stella Buffton

In July 2011, Rebecca Buffton’s daughter, Stella, was hospitalized shortly after being born due to excess bilirubin in the blood, which can cause brain damage, hearing loss, and even death. Stella would need an immediate blood transfusion to reduce her risk of brain damage. She spent multiple days in the hospital recovering, and then returned regularly for blood tests. Thankfully, Stella received her last blood transfusion in August. Stella is now two years old and doing great. She enjoys playing with her puppy. She has a big sister Ashley, 17, and a big brother Phillip, 14. “Blood donors are true heroes. They helped save my daughter from having brain damage and possibly even prevented her death,” said Stella’s mother, Rebecca Buffton. Please help Stella and other patients in need by donating blood!


Mike Loggans | Moosic Alliance Community Church

We, at Moosic Alliance Community Church, want to send our regards to you and the LifeSource PA  staff. We not only had an enjoyable time with donors, volunteers, and workers but also learned a lot too. Our church has a missionary mindset which can mean both abroad and local. Your encouragement and partnership allowed us to live out that servant behavior and support our community in a life saving way. Yes, we (all of us) could use more donors. However, the reward is tremendous and branches out in more ways then we will ever know. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us this opportunity. The staff were awesome, knowledgeable and professional. It was an absolute pleasure working with all of them. This is not the end as I know for certain I will see you all at some point again. Many blessing to all of you.


Jamie Barlow

In October 2013, my dad was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS). MDS is a bone marrow disorder in which the bone marrow does not produce enough healthy blood cells. In July 2014, my dad’s MDS progressed to Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a form of blood cancer. Over that year, my dad received different forms of chemotherapies at LifeSource PA Medical Centers. However, because both diseases affected the production of healthy blood cells, my dad also received numerous transfusions of red blood cells and platelets. Over that year, without transfusions, my dad would have never been able to have the strength to fight his toughest battle. Sadly, my dad lost his battle in September 2014, just shy of being diagnosed a year. Blood transfusions helped him fight as long as he did and they allowed he and I to make special memories that will last me a lifetime. I would often take my dad to get transfusions and we would sit and talk for hours, which are times I will never forget. If you are someone who donates blood: THANK YOU! Your selfless act gave hope to my family and continues to give hope to countless other families who are still in need.